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Scrabble: It’s All about the Letters in the Words

Scrabble word tips bring you to the exciting world of multiple-letter words. But do you know that knowing two-letter words are also as important? Without the word tricks, it is difficult to ace the game and grab the title as the ultimate winner. Scrabble requires you to maximize everything, including your 2-letter words or those that you think will have a much lower score. During your endgame, 2-letter words are absolutely life-savers.

Scrabble Cheat and Word Tactics

Using words with fewer letters helps you out of a word jam or simply gets rid of the unused and excess vowels.  A Scrabble word finder can help you with your quest for those important 2-letter words that could help you build blocks, especially for your succeeding turns. Alternatively, use the Official Scrabble Dictionary. There are up to 101 words to learn and memorize so that you don’t lose a turn even with limited resources or tiles. Some of the acceptable 2-letter words to learn to include AA, AB, AD, ZA, YO, and XI.

Three-Letter Words in your Word Bank

Scrabble help and tips also lead you to the much-coveted and equally significant 3-letter words but these are potentially more high-value and high-scoring than their 2-letter counterparts, especially if you can include words that start with x. Knowing the key 3-letter words could dramatically help improve your game. You may initially look at them as if they are acronyms or hogwash but these words are the goldmine. Some of the words to know and memorize include ZZZ, ZOA, ZAS, SUQ, QIS, and XIS.

These 2-letter and 3-letter words may be intuitive but your greatest weapon is familiarization and even memorization of these words so that you know exactly how to strategically use them if necessary. Learning these words with limited letters or tiles not only keeps your scores coming. They also help you avoid missing your turn and being at the mercy of your opponent.

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