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Scrabble: It’s All about the Letters in the Words

Scrabble word tips bring you to the exciting world of multiple-letter words. But do you know that knowing two-letter words are also as important? Without the word tricks, it is difficult to ace the game and grab the title as the ultimate winner. Scrabble requires you to maximize everything, including your 2-letter words or those that you think will have a much lower score. During your endgame, 2-letter words are absolutely life-savers.

Scrabble Cheat and Word Tactics

Using words with fewer letters helps you out of a word jam or simply gets rid of the unused and excess vowels.  A Scrabble word finder can help you with your quest for those important 2-letter words that could help you build blocks, especially for your succeeding turns. Alternatively, use the Official Scrabble Dictionary. There are up to 101 words to learn and memorize so that you don’t lose a turn even with limited resources or tiles. Some of the acceptable 2-letter words to learn to include AA, AB, AD, ZA, YO, and XI.

Three-Letter Words in your Word Bank

Scrabble help and tips also lead you to the much-coveted and equally significant 3-letter words but these are potentially more high-value and high-scoring than their 2-letter counterparts, especially if you can include words that start with x. Knowing the key 3-letter words could dramatically help improve your game. You may initially look at them as if they are acronyms or hogwash but these words are the goldmine. Some of the words to know and memorize include ZZZ, ZOA, ZAS, SUQ, QIS, and XIS.

These 2-letter and 3-letter words may be intuitive but your greatest weapon is familiarization and even memorization of these words so that you know exactly how to strategically use them if necessary. Learning these words with limited letters or tiles not only keeps your scores coming. They also help you avoid missing your turn and being at the mercy of your opponent.

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Scrabble is a unique game that requires the player to combine their efficient word knowledge with a strategic game plan to score more points than their opponents. Evaluating your rack leave quality against your new word score is one of the most important and the most difficult task for a Scrabble player. If you wish to learn new word tips, tricks and tactics to effectively win at Scrabble, you must visit a few of the Scrabble help websites available online.


When you are playing your next move, just make sure that you do not stack your rack with duplicate letters. A smart player will always prefer a little variety in the group of letters to envisage better and longer optimal solutions to the problem at hand.


A Scrabble game bag always consists of a total of 58 consonants and 42 vowels. A consonant heavy rack might enhance your option of exploring ideal word solutions to the problem at hand. The ideal rack leave for any given situation would contain three vowels and four consonants.


One of the rookie mistakes performed by Scrabble players from all over the world is how they cling on to premium tiles such as JQXZ. They hope to score more points in the future using these high scoring letter tiles. This strategy is quite flawed as latching on to a few tiles might ruin your word formations, rack leaves and your chance to win the game.

All in all, playing Scrabble is not for the faint worded. It is the player’s job to train their mind to learn new words on a daily basis with the help of Scrabble word finder available online. Do not hold on to the difficult but premium letter tiles, maintain a proper vowel – consonant balance and the quality of the rack leave needs to be exceptional to hide any kind of a life.

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Scrabble points

When looking at the game board, you will see that some of the squares on the board offer multipliers. Whenever a tile is placed on these squares, the value of the tile will be multiplied by the multipliers in the square. Some of the squares will also multiply the total value of the word and not just the single point value of one tile. However, a player needs to know how to play reasonable words not by using Scrabble cheat or online scrabble help but by learning Scrabble word tips from online scrabble word finder. With this, he will defeat his/her opponent always. Double Letter Scores

The light blue cells in the board are isolated and when they are used, they will double the value of the tile placed on that square. You get double points whenever the blue cells are used. Triple Letter Score

The dark blue cell in the board will be worth triple the amount, so any tile placed here will earn triple points. Double Word Score

When a cell is a light red in color, it is a double word cell and these cells are placed diagonally on the board, towards the four corners. If a word is played on these squares, every value of the word will be doubled. So you get double points for the word formed. Triple Word Score

The dark red square is where the most points can be earned as they will triple the word score. Placing any word on these squares will boost your points drastically. They are found on all four sides of the board and are situated at the same distance from the corners. One Single Use  When you use the extra point squares on the scrabble board, they can only be used one time. If a player played a word here, it won’t serve as a multiplier by placing another word on the equivalent square. So you can only use them once. These are the points you get when you play a scrabble game. But it is up to you to know how to get the maximum points to win the game.